Protecting human rights in childbirth

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With thanks to the Baring Foundation for making our training videos possible.

What is consent?

This video is aimed at health care professionals and looks at the issue of consent in maternity care, and what informed consent looks like following Montgomery vs Lanarkshire.

Bullied into Treatment

This video looks at situations where women can feel bullied or coerced into procedures or treatment they don’t want during their maternity care, and how health care professionals can avoid this.

Choice of Place of Birth

Jane and Jean tell their story of their births at a time when their local NHS Trust was not offering a home birth service, and explain why having a home birth was so important to them.

Elective Caesarean

What should healthcare professionals do when a woman asks for an elective caesarean?

All of these videos are also available with subtitles on the Birthrights Team YouTube channel.