Protecting human rights in childbirth

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Request Advice

If you have a general concern about the quality of your maternity service, please let us know if you have raised it with your Trust’s Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) or the Healthboard’s Patient Support service (for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). The email address and phone number of these services will be on the website of the Trust or Healthboard who provide your maternity care. PALS can help to resolve your general concerns and they can also forward your email to relevant staff such as the Head of Midwifery or the Trust’s Chief Executive Officer.

We aim to respond within two working days. Please add us to your Safe Sender list or check your Spam folder for a response if you have not heard from us.

About Birthrights

Birthrights is the UK charity that champions respectful maternity care by protecting human rights. We provide advice and legal information to women and birthing people, train healthcare professionals to deliver rights-respecting care and campaign to change maternity policy and systems.